Welcome to the Well Diamond Wire Saw Web Site. We are convinced we offer a wide range of cutting machines that are without equal in the world and we invite you to explore our company's capabilities. Until such time that we can post specific product information we respectfully request that you contact us directly at the locations listed below.

Company Profile
Well Diamond Wire Saws developed a cutting technology nearly 50 years ago that has helped over 1200 customers worldwide achieve the results they seek. Founded in Switzerland, we currently have manufacturing facilities and support offices in two European locations and one in Norcross, Georgia, USA.

General Product Description
Well Precision Diamond Wire Saws produce smooth, sharp-edged surfaces on virtually any material. The "cutting tool" employed is a stainless steel wire with diamonds embedded into the surface of the wire. This patented embedding process ensures maximum cutting capability and long wire life. The wire is wound onto a drum which mounts onto a precision reciprocating motor. Depending on the size of the saw the wire ranges from 10 meters up to 68 meters. The wire diameters range from 0.06mm (0.002 in.) to 0.70mm (.028 in.).

All Well saws use gravity and/or weights as the method for achieving and maintaining consistent feed rates. Also, all saws have a continuously variable wire speed adjustment. Absolutely no cutting fluid is required however we do recommend that our cleansing fluid be used to remove any loose particles from the diamond grit.

Well Diamond Wire Saws impose minimal force on samples. Very little heat is generated, and that which does occur is transferred by the wire to the drum that houses the wire.

To discuss your special cutting application, feel free to call or contact us at the numbers and addresses listed below.

Contact Information

For individuals that would like to contact our North American Operations we encourage you to contact us by telephone, fax or e-mail at the following contact points. We speak Spanish.


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